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Acheinu Day Camp

Kew Gardens, NY

ZSR Tzedakah Campaign at Camp Acheinu

Year after year Acheinu ranks at the very top of the list of camps who raise money for the ZSR children.

As we approach the three weeks and Tisha B'Av, we beseech all our dear parents to help their children collect money for ZSR.

Brochures were distributed to the Boys and Malka Divisions. Please select a prize from the brochure, and go for it!

Although the brochure was not given out to the Preschool Division, preschool children may participate, and they may pick a prize from the brochure as well. Additional copies of the brochure are available from the office upon request.

Remember! All ZSR money must be received in our office in order to redeem your prizes.

Hatzlacha - Tizku L'mitzvos!